How You Can Reconnect to YOUR Spirituality

This week I made the bold move to move to a country farmhouse outside of Providence. This has been part of my plans for the last 10 years and is…
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Happiness is the True Meaning of Life

In my 20’s, I learned that if I worked hard I could change my circumstances. In my 30’s, I learned that if I let myself love then, no matter the…

3 Simple Ways You Can Lead with Love

When we talk about love, we often talk about the kind of romantic love we want to receive. We look for the partner or friend who will love us as…

How to Fall in Love with Your LIFE Again

When I work with people in my LifeWork Community program, we look for the easiest ways to effect big changes. Why? Because, often it’s little shifts that create major transformations….

Paths to Healing

When it comes down to it, everything I’ve studied and practiced over the past 20 years has been about healing. I’ve looked at healing from spiritual, material, creative, energetic, psychological…

Co-Creative Leadership and the Power of Engagement

I’ve learned a LOT about leadership while growing my business. I cannot say these have been easy lessons. I’ve probably made every mistake in the book. I’ve been too hands…

Learning to Listen Can Change Your Life

I listen for a living. Over the years, I’ve developed my ability to listen into what people say and – sometimes more importantly – what they don’t say. My ability…