• Thank you Kate, for your deep clear seeing and your compassionate support.
  • Dr. Kate is an amazing leader and teacher. I am so grateful I was able to take part in this program.
  • Since working with Dr. Kate, I have deepened my impact, tripled my profit and aligned with my life's purpose.
  • When I'm asked how it is to work with Kate, my answer is simple: "Life-changing".
  • Thanks for bringing me to a world beyond mediocrity.
  • Dr. Kate ROCKS! She is a true visionary
  • Kate's teachings are a deep and refreshing well for teachers, healers, and leaders.
  • -- Anonymous
  • -- Kate N. Brooklyn, NY
  • -- Emily Volden, Licensed Social Worker and ADHD Specialist
  • -- Marina Darlow www.vision-framework.com
  • -- Betty
  • -- Gretchen K, Washington DC
  • -- Lisa W. Brookline, Mass

Dr. Kate Siner — Entrepreneurial and Personal Development Mentor

I work with people on two tracks: one focused on who you need to be to be successful and fulfilled and the other focused on what you need to do to be successful and have an impact.

LifeWork (who you need to be)

LifeWork is personal development mentoring that will help you:

  • Figure out what is working and not working in your life and/or business
  • Face what is not working and move past it
  • Motivate yourself to take action that is transformational and impactful.

Bottom-line result: More Fulfillment. More Success.

Serious Success (what you need to do)

Serious Success is business coaching and business consulting that will:

  • Clarify your business purpose
  • Define your market and ideal client
  • Create marketing tools (website content, literature content, speaking, etc.)
  • Develop your skills for selling, communicating, and business systems
  • Recognize the obstacles to your success and how to overcome them.

Bottom line result: More money. Greater impact.

Other people offer similar business coaching and motivational programs. What makes mine different is that I come from a psychological perspective and almost 20 years of education and practice. This means my work is informed and offers a level of intensity not often found in these types of program.

Start by signing up for my video series, where you can watch me working with real clients on the issues that hold them back from success and fulfillment. I am sure you will find a bunch of tips that will help you!

Here is my challenge for you: Dare to Go Deep... change yourself, change the world.

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